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Johnston's Meat Market - Fundraising, Catering, Smoked Sausage, Florida Delivery


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Open Monday-Saturday
Meat Market: 8 am to 5 pm - Donut Shop: 6 am - 2 pm

1480 W. Washington St. (Hwy 90), Monticello, Florida 32344 | 850-997-5622

Livestock Processing Plant

Fresh Game, Hog, Goat, Sheep or Cattle

Easy Venison Recipe

Pour Johnston‘s BBQ sauce over venison back strap or kebobs. Marinate. Cook at 155° on the grill to sear.

We have a state-of-the-art facility designed to best serve YOU.

Bring your deer or hog to the cooler ‘round back and tag it with your name and number. We check the cooler every morning, even on Sundays, and process what’s there.

All products are vacuum packed for freshness.

Drop-off Cooler Available 24/7

Download Custom Cut Worksheet for Cattle

Download Custom Cut Worksheet for Deer, Hogs, Goat or Sheep