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Farm to Family

Sloan-Walker beef aged the Johnston's Way ready to cut.

Have you heard of farm-to-family? Do you have a large family or big eaters? Do you like to be well prepared and keep extra meat on hand? Want to know who raised the meat you are eating? Or want to know it is hormone free, all natural and local?

We’re your FIRST and LAST stop—We have the best network of local farmers for you.

Order a whole, half or quarter steer. Share with friends.*

Angus Beef Chart

Our USDA Animal Welfare-approved beef is as fresh and natural as you can get.

We work with our network of local beef producers. Once your choice of steer is brought to Johnston’s, it is slaughtered quickly and humanely. The carcass is hung in the cooler, where the temperature is controlled to age the beef at just the right rate. You can follow the process the whole way with Johnston’s.

The Dry-Aged Difference

Do you know the best meats are dry aged? That‘s how we do it. Hung in a dry 38° cooler with no aging agents or chemicals, for 21-30 days to create the most flavorful, tender and juicy meats.

We’ll walk you through the process of finding the best local meat. We will process it, dry age it, vacuum pack and label the meat cuts so they are ready for your freezer. Interested? Give us a call.

After being aged for 21 days, your beef is hand-cut to your specifications. It is then vacuum-packed, frozen, dated and labeled. You‘ll receive a complete inventory to check as you are unloading the cartons.

If it’s not good enough for my table, it’s not good enough for yours.”

~Hal Bennett
Herd of black angus steers
Black Angus Steers

Store-bought Beef

There are a few things you should know about the meats you buy.

Even stores that sell all-natural, grass-fed beef may buy from ranchers who buy cattle, feed them on grass for a short time, then sell them as grass-fed. You pay, what, $12 – $25 or more per pound for grass-fed steaks, but you don‘t really know the history.

This is where buying locally is the best way. With our Farm-To-Family special, you can actually go look at the cattle and ask Hal, your long-time, neighborhood butcher, to tell you all about this beef.

All steers graze on pasture for the first six months to a year of their lives, but most finish at a feedlot on a concentrated mix of corn, soy, grains, and other supplements, plus hormones and antibiotics. This causes an unnatural growth spurt that can get the steers to market up to a year sooner, which means more profit for high-volume meat processors.

Also, you should know about high-volume beef processors. During the robotized cutting and packing stage, some cuts are injected with water, tenderizers and flavoring. All this extra treatment is to compensate for the poor taste that short aging times produce.

Because of all this, more and more people want to eat simpler, less processed foods, like their grandparents ate. Buying beef from a “neighbor” with Johnston‘s is your way to do this.

Doing the Math

Here‘s an example of a recent order.

  • Live weight or ‘on the hoof’ 740 lb.
  • Carcass weight or ‘on the rail’ 382 lb (including the organs)
  • After aging 21 days, we were able to get a Percent Yield of 64% in this case, which equals 246 lb of steaks, roast, stew meat and hamburger.

The finished price was 50-75% LESS than grocery prices per pound in your freezer. WHAT A DEAL!

If you can‘t afford a whole steer, split it with your family and friends.*

And you know Johnston‘s guarantees their workmanship and product 100%.

*If you want us to split the steer with four families, we sort out each piece per packing box as evenly as possible. And there is an additional fee of 10 cents per pound.